Welcome to Robonomics AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning top Gartner’s Strategic Tech Trends for 2017. They have substantial disruptive potential across industries and functions. However, given the rapid evolution of automation options, it is daunting for users to cut through the hype and adopt the right options for your business. It is even harder to train and retain scarce talent to run these operations. We enable your AI journey.

Robonomics AI (RAI), is a multinational tech startup that uses an “AI-first” approach to solving real world problems like driving growth, cutting costs, reducing risk and enhancing customer experience. We mash up multiple automation technologies together to offer outcomes “as a service”. You pay for only the benefits we deliver to you.

We deliver the benefits by imagineering customer journeys. New customer journeys that help you redefine business models by “system integrating” technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Robotics (RPA), Blockchain and Big Data. All delivered to your internal and external customers through our Intelligent Assistant, RAI.

Since being founded in July 2016 in Australia, we have built our own Intelligent Assistant, expanded to Europe and India and have been registered as AI researcher with Australian Government’s Research Council.



RobonomicsAI partners with leading Robotics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence product vendors to architect the best mix of solutions required for end to end business outcomes. We work with product partners to evolve their technology roadmaps to suit the business needs.

We package this with our services described below to offer Robotics-as-a-Service.

Automation Advisory

Envision Automation strategy, prepare business case, select product choices and build a roadmap.

Robotic Digital Transformation

Software Robots and AI as the engine for IT and BPO Transformation programs.


Digital Workforce As-a-Service for Run operations.



Robotics Automation

We bring the experience of several Robotics deployments in Australia. We have deep partnerships with leading product vendors from across the globe.


We are part of the team that established “offshoring” as the prime delivery methodology in Australia. After managing over $ 1 Billion of engagements involving offshoring, we now believe “Robotics” is a more potent alternative!


We come from a lineage of transformational implementations of SAP, Oracle and other software in some of the largest organisations in Australia and overseas! Having built one of the largest SAP Practices in A&NZ, we understand the needs of transformational change, and have built it into the core of our implementation methodology.

Business Process Reengineering

We bring with us the experience of Big 4 Process Reengineering that gives us the ability to analyse existing processes, and build a roadmap towards Robotic Process Improvement.


We have the expertise in visualising business needs for data analytics, and have the technical capability to architect appropriate solutions.