Our management consulting division helps you envision your Automation strategy, prepare the business case, make product choices and build a roadmap that can realistically be implemented.

You could be looking at building a vision for your business, driving digital transformations for new customer journeys or building an IT strategy to enable it all. You might have significant investments made in your IT estate that cannot be replaced cost effectively when your business needs a degree of agility that these systems are unable to provide. On the other hand, the technologies available today can help you leapfrog the maturity curve around business and technology transformations. These may be ERP implementations, cloud migrations, Social Media integrations, Mobile enablement or Advanced Analytics. We bring consulting experience to help you navigate through this journey.

We bring the insights and experience gained from not just advising other clients but actually implementing these solutions. This implementer’s perspective cuts through the hype to build a strategy on what can be delivered with the technology available today. Being focussed on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, our advice is purely based on what these technologies can deliver.  Since we work with several product vendors on their product roadmap, we have a good grasp of the timeframe in which new capabilities would be made available for implementation. We also help product OEMs re-prioritise their product roadmaps based on specific client requirements.

We offer a comprehensive set of services starting from an analysis of your current processes and maturity assessment, often working through development of Proof of Concepts. We use design thinking workshop approach to evaluate delivery alternatives and build a target operating model that is right for your organisation.

Depending on your specific needs, we partner with world leading global Management Consulting organisations to offer comprehensive services.