We help you disrupt your industry by enabling creation of products and services that are difficult to imagine today, using a structured methodology that we are pioneering, called AI-First.

Our starting premise in this methodology is – if you were to redesign your business process, starting with automation technologies available today (like Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, ChatBots, Process Mining, Internet of Things etc), how would the new process look like? Using Design Thinking techniques, we help you imagineer new customer journeys that can redefine your business model. This becomes the “To Be” vision that provides a clear direction we jointly work towards.

However, you would have certain constraints that would hold you back from reaching that vision, like monolithic legacy systems, cultural & political issues, established business norms etc. These constraints constitute the “As-Is”.

We jointly build a Roadmap to take you from the “As-Is constraints” to the “To-Be Vision”.

The automation journey on this Roadmap is delivered through a series of small pilots, each lasting a few weeks. We progressively build layers of automation, getting the end-users to validate each functionality before pushing it into production. This process of validating the product-functionality fit allows the efforts to be directed to only the functionality that the end customer values.


AI-First is like a powerful Roadroller. There are those who would be struck in its headlights to become roadkill. The disrupted. We invite the disrupters to hop on the driver’s seat. To start building AI-First Roads, please reach out to