Healthcare industry is witnessing the change in customer behaviour, market dynamics, and regulatory policies. Due to such changes and complex environment, the healthcare industry is facing a challenge to become not only more affordable but also more effective and accessible. We acknowledge that the successful healthcare enterprise of the future will be digitally enabled and patient centric.

Healthcare industry is making a move from being a supply driven consumer model to demand driven consumer model. Patients are increasingly becoming the focal point in their own care journey. They demand transparency and access to information about their care and most importantly, about the quality of service provided. This is pushing the envelopes for the healthcare industry to “Go Digital” to transform the industry. Disparate systems, inefficient processes and obsolete technologies are demanding a major push towards transformation to create a single view of the patient. Robonomics AI a leader in automation services, will enable you to gain a competitive advantage through process automation. Robonomics AI has come up with revolutionary solutions such as Digital Nurse Assistant (DNA) to aggregate patients’ data by creating an integrated framework. Powered by artificial intelligence, our solutions collect data from disparate systems.

In the journey of value-based care service, the cost of service needs to be reduced. The majority of backend processes are repetitive and prone to human error, requiring large operation teams to manage the exceptions produced. However, with the application of some simple business rules, these processes can be efficiently and cost-effectively completed using our digital workforce. Some of the processes that can be automated are 

  • claims management
  • account setup
  • member management
  • billing
  • benefit management
  • customer service
  • care coordination
  • case management
  • finance & accounting


Robotics Process Automation fast-tracks transformation journey for the healthcare sector.  RPA is a tool that Healthcare companies can leverage to free resources i.e. people and funds to achieve customer centric transformation to

  • enable digital channels for Customer Interaction
  • unlock the potential of the Internet of Things
  • provide online access to Electronic Medical Records
  • focus on Big Data Analytics


RPA is delivering the promised cost savings. However, cost-only value propositions are no longer attractive to top executives. They are looking for cost-plus value propositions which will enable Healthcare providers to bring following benefits to the organisation –

  • decreased operational costs
  • improved data analytics
  • increased regulatory compliance
  • increased efficiency
  • higher employee productivity
  • improved accuracy
  • increased customer satisfaction