Healthcare Professionals are risking their lives everyday, fighting the COVID19 pandemic. Or, trying to adopt telemedicine to reduce risk of infection.

The Problem

The surge of COVID patients is overwhelming the healthcare systems across the world. In the hospitals, each time a nurse takes vital signs readings of patients, there is further risk of infection spreading. The doctors are expected to see a significantly larger number of patients while working remotely, without adequate insights into the patient’s health vitals.

This poses significant risks and challenges:

  • A pre-consultation triage is required to determine which cases are suitable for tele-health and which require a physical consultation.
  • With increase in number of remote consult patients, there is a risk of doctors getting overwhelmed with non-medical administrative activities, like onboarding patients and scheduling calls.
  • In the hospitals, healthcare professionals risk getting infected when they physically monitor the patients.
  • The pandemic has forced several patients to isolate at home, even though they may be unwell.

The Solution

The Robonomics AI Remote Healthcare Digital Assistant automates the administrative work around video consults. So, the healthcare professionals can focus on delivering the highest level of medical care. It works with remote monitoring devices to present a healthcare professionals with updated patient data. This in turn makes teleconsultations effective.

Robonomics AI Remote Healthcare Digital Assistant uses AI technologies to automate tasks like: 

  • Check for basic symptoms and perform pre-consultation triage
  • Trace contacts the patient has had, with micro-consent around each private information shared
  • Collating of patient medical records from multiple sources, presented to the doctor prior to the call
  • Scheduling of Video Consults
  • Video recording of the call
  • Digital Prescriptions
  • Automated transcription of consultation
  • Post-consultation follow-up with patients

The Benefits

Our AI automates mundane tasks to offer these benefits:

  • Doctors can focus on delivering high quality of medical care in remote consultations, as the adminsitrative tasks are performed diligently.
  • Reduce time-per-patient. Support the deluge of cases expected in the COVID crisis.
  • Enhance cyber security
  • Protection against claims with detailed documentation and audit trail.
  • Peace of mind! When the world is falling apart in this crisis.

Come, be a part of this journey!

We are reaching out to experts in telemedicine, clinicians and AI experts to:

  1. Join our Advisory Council to guide us on the product roadmap development. You would be doing good to the telemedicine industry, while getting solutions built that suit your needs
  2. Join our Early Customer Program. As early users of the solution, you would be able to deliver the highest quality care to your patients, while differentiating your practice against others who are trying to make-do without such tools.
  3. Invest in our start-up and benefit from the increase in valuation, while doing good to the world.

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