With each technology innovation the gap between what educational institutes can deliver, and what the industry needs, widens. The current pace of technology innovation has been the highest ever, creating a heightened need for strategies and offerings that would help the educational institutes deliver:

  • Enhanced employability of the students, by up-skilling them to industry needs
  • Enhanced skills of faculty around the changing technology and academic trends
  • Contribute back to academics and research through publishing scholarly papers in artificial intelligence across the globe and filing of patents

The educational institutes can achieve the above objectives through:

  • Designing and delivering new courses in AI and Automation
  • Setting up Academic Centre of Excellence for experimentation and research
  • Engaging with the industry and academic ecosystem through pre-planned programs to ensure the direction is always aligned to the needs of the industry and the academic world

Robonomics AI engages with leading AI researchers and universities across the globe. We also deliver solutions to the industry, which provides us an updated view of what the industry needs at any point in time. We are also registered with the Australian Government’s Research Council. Hence, Robonomics AI is able to deliver the following as technical advisors around AI, IoT, Blockchain, RPA and other automation technologies:

  • Envisioning and planning strategies around Automation for institutes
  • Preparing course outlines for new courses to be introduced
  • Training the teachers deliver the courses
  • Sourcing global teaching talent
  • Setting up Academic & Research Centres of Excellence within the institutes
  • Bring industry use cases for staff and students to work on
  • Networking and collaboration with other global institutes


Preparing Course Outline for Post-Graduation Masters in Automation

  • Client Profile: A leading global Educational institute
  • Problem Statement: The institute wanted to create one of world’s first PG Master’s program in Automation and AI.
  • Solution: Created Course Outline based on experience of working with academia & the industry in Australia and India.
  • Benefit: Industry-aligned course outlines that is research inspired, but implementation oriented.