The phenomenal growth of Fintech start-ups has demonstrated that it is possible to conduct banking without a bank and to offer a customer experience like FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) without middlemen, even as they run their operations without owning the infrastructure. The Global Financial crisis has increased regulatory pressures on the industry, even as regular security breaches shake up the industry. The world is changing faster than you can change your internal processes!

Robonomics AI is pioneering an “AI-First approach to Digital Transformation” to help you ride these waves. Without getting dunked. We use Design Thinking workshops to re-imagineer practically any business processes using new age technologies like Robotic Process Automation, ChatBots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT devices like wearables and payment mechanisms. The methodology, developed over 90 different use cases, helps you create offerings and client experiences that can disrupt your industry, providing you a long lasting competitive advantage. It is not just a cost take-out from your existing processes.

For example, we could re-imagineer your KYC process using our ChatBot embedded with Computer Vision technologies to guide the end customer through an AI-first on-boarding experience. Personal details collected are digitised and verified from multiple sources, providing a level of security not possible today. Once these details are secured in Blockchain, the customers can re-use the data for multiple transactions.

Similarly, a motor insurance solution could enable a customer’s accident claim to be lodged even while waiting for an ambulance at the accident site. Once the claim is lodged, AI platforms like IBM Watson automatically process the claim within five minutes of lodgement.

We deliver bite-size functionalities at frequent intervals, built on top of your existing IT estate. You do not need to rip and replace your existing systems. Only the Pilots and Proof-of-concepts that are validated by your end users make it through to production. The ideas that do not pass that validation-test fail fast. We also offer this automation layer as-a-service, enabling you to experiment with new ideas and have them validated in the market quicker.

So, if you wish to leverage new age technologies to disrupt your business, please reach out to us at


Reconciliation on the banking process

  • Client Profile : One of the premier banks in India
  • Problem Statement : Banking process reconciliation. Where the back-end team has to reconcile the data in the system to the changes which happens at the front end at the branch.
  • Solution : Robotic Process Automation picked up the data from the system at the front end, and matches the data with the system at the back end with back-end team.
  • Benefit : Time required to reconcile two reports was way to his, as the bank has data in tune of multiple GB which changes on daily basis across PAN India.