Our Story

When we started thinking of starting our organisation, we wanted to start with a blank canvas. What kind of a “life” do we want the canvas to have? What should our brand values be?

Our organisation was to be built around new and emerging technologies. Like Robotics! Or Autonomics. However, our core focus was not the technology itself, but the value it could deliver for our clients. So, the “economics” of it all was central to our being. Robo (tics) + (Eco / Auto) nomics = Robonomics was born!

Robonomics conveyed what we were after. Alright. But it was not quite the TLA that the IT industry is so obsessed with! We needed a ‘Three Letter Acronym’. Plus we needed to include other components of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Automation Implementations”. Hence, Robonomics acquired a suffix “AI”. One could argue that is probably a bit unusual for a brand name to have a here and now. And more. The value that our clients receive needs to go way beyond what we can deliver as an organisation. We need to be able to partner with an ecosystem of partners such that the our whole is greater than the sum of individual parts! We do not work in ‘parts’, but with ‘partners’!

We realised that we needed some professional help in communicating all of the above visually. So, we approached Purvi from Design2Works, who had done similar work for large banks and consumer organisations. She designed our logo.

The futuristic fonts depict a modern organisation confident in applying the emerging technology of Software Robots and Artificial Intelligence to clients’ business needs. The dark blue stands for an organisation you can depend on, while the red font speaks to our passion, and our eagerness to deliver what others may think is too difficult. The pioneering passion to deliver solutions that you can trust.

We bring a very fresh approach to implementing technology to address our clients business. This vibrance needed to be communicated through the colours of our brand. The arms of the robot are actually our arms, reaching out for “outside the box” solutions, reaching out to business relationships and delivering automation through a comprehensive set of partnerships!

The green in our logo stands for the promise of growth to our clients, to our partners and to us. We enable new revenue streams and enhance current offerings of our clients. We would release funds from optimising operations for our clients, so that they can invest in growth. Our network of product and service providers would grow only when our clients grow. However, we needed our solutions to be firmly planted on solid ground. Hence, we needed the tagline to be in an earthy colour!

Our brand promises all of the above. What You See is What You Get with RobonomicsAI!suffix. However, we did want our brand to stand out and be different. This spirit is aligned to the target market we were after – clients who would not mind breaking the mould to try something new – because it made business sense. Robonomics AI is dedicated to all those clients. And to their pioneering spirit!

AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence”. But wait, there is nothing “artificial’ about our ‘intelligence’. In fact, it is all about what we do with the intelligence. How we apply it to our clients’ business. So, the tagline could only be…. Applied Intelligence!

Having finalised on a brand name, how do we go about making it represent what we want our organisation to be? The values we hold the highest is to be trustworthy and professional to our clients. We need to be able to go out of the way to stretch ourselves for each of our clients. To look at their needs with a perspective no one has ever looked before. To come up with new business ideas and innovative solutions to make it happen in the grounded reality of what can be delivered