Australian Multinational Start-up Launches Ai-First Solutions for Financial Services & Utilities

Sydney, NSW, May 23, 2017– As the big Australian banks draw their battle lines with Fintechs, and Malware, customers are being offered increasingly more convenient modes of engagement. Mobile phone banking from the major banks becomes ‘old school’ when Apple can use a mobile phone to make payment. The next big leap-frog of customer engagement will be enabled through artificial intelligence (AI) supporting far-reaching levels of automation and predictive decision support, previously conceived only in science-fiction movies. Robonomics AI (RAI), an Australian AI start-up, is launching Artificial Intelligence (AI) First solutions for the Financial Services and Utilities sectors.

Tractica forecasts that the revenue generated from application of AI software will grow from $1.38 billion in 2016 to $59.75 billion by 2025, a CAGR of 52%. This growth would come from increased adoption of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, Big Data Analytics and ChatBots. Robonomics AI has assembled a global ecosystem of innovative companies from The Netherlands, Israel, Romania, Germany, India and the Silicon Valley, who are specialists in building these new-age solutions.

Current improvement strategies use minimal automation on top of ‘people-first’ processes. RAI is launching a more radical approach to re-engineering processes by deploying AI technologies as the foundation. This “AI-first” approach will radically change how customers are engaged, employees perform work, and business partners interface.

According to Geoff Wenborn, “The power of AI and Robotics to enable legacy transformation is only just being realised. In a few weeks, we are able to work with Robonimics AI to create 35 separate new use cases where this architecture could provide new insights, real automation and better business outcomes immediately.”

RAI imagineers new customer experiences and business models for our clients, models which were not possible with previous technologies. They assemble multiple pieces of the new-technology “jigsaw Page | 2 puzzle” from their specialist partners across the world. These technologies work together within their proprietary “AI Solution Architecture”, that has been developed over 90 business use-cases with clients in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and ITSM sectors. The value delivered by the combination of solutions working together is much greater than the value they can deliver individually. Since these solutions are offered as-a-service, the clients do not need to invest in hardware, software or people for automation. They start with a small pilot or proof of concept and progressively expand the functionality each time we validate the functionality-market fit, thereby reducing the risk of adoption. Their solutions generally sit on top of our customers’ current systems, without having to conduct ‘heart surgery’ on existing IT systems, while keeping the business running.

Said Samir Sinha, Founder CEO of Robonomics AI, while launching the Start-up at CeBIT “Each of the technologies we work with is a game changer globally. To have them integrated towards specific business outcomes gives incredible power in the hands of businesses. It is a differentiator for early adopters, but has the potential to be the norm in the future”.

We are thrilled at the global launch of AI-First, which is a disruptive approach to achieving business goals for organisations.”

RAI’s Ai-First solutions for retail banking will be on display at the RAI booth at CeBIT. Solutions on display include loan origination, wealth management, non-face-to-face customer onboarding, Fraud Management and IT Incidence Response. Also on display is a drone-inspection and AI based predictive maintenance for Utilities asset management.

Please visit us at booth SU3 to learn more about how RAI’s Ai-First solutions are the future of customer and employee engagement.



About Robonomics AI: Robonomics AI (RAI) is a technology start-up that uses an “AI-first” approach to solving your real-world problems like driving growth, cutting costs, reducing risk and enhancing customer experience.

Since being founded in July 2016 in Sydney, we have built our IP for AI-based solution architecture and our Intelligent Assistant ‘Rai’, expanded to Europe (The Hague) and India (Bangalore) and have been registered as AI researcher with Australian Government’s Research Council. We have also built a proof of concepts and delivered Automation Advisory & Training to multiple customers.

About Geoff Wenborn: Geoff Wenborn has led IT, Strategy and Innovation at five large Australian organisations like Origin Energy, MLC, Westpac and Uniting Care Queensland. LinkedIn



About Samir Sinha: Samir Sinha is the Founder CEO of RAI. He has around 25 years of experience working for large multinationals and was part of the team of industry leaders who established Offshoring as the prime delivery model for IT projects in Australia. He was earlier the MD for HCL in Australia and the head of SAP and Utilities Practices at TCS prior to that. LinkedIn:-

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