Robonomics AI Selected for Global IBM Watson Build Challenge

Begins development on cognitive business solution using IBM Watson APIs on IBM Cloud to Transform Lives of the Elderly and the Disabled

Sydney – 31 August 2017: Robonomics AI, a start-up that has pioneered AI-first solutions for companies seeking to transform their businesses, has been selected in phase two of the Watson Build challenge to develop its Holistic Healthcare Solution into a working prototype using IBM Watson APIs on the IBM Cloud. IBM will provide Robonomics AI with access to IBM development tools, business mentors and cognitive specialists to bring the concept to life.

The Watson Build challenge is IBM’s first cognitive challenge designed solely for Business Partners. In phase one, IBM received hundreds of business plan submissions from business partners around the world. In phase two, select Watson based solutions were chosen to progress to the next phase where partners will build working prototypes to demonstrate these cognitive products and services.

“The response to our first-ever Watson Build challenge for business partners has been phenomenal,” said John Teltsch, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “We congratulate Robonomics AI for presenting a strong business plan centred around IBM Cloud and Watson and progressing to the next round of the challenge. We look forward to supporting Robonomics AI as it works on a prototype for Holistic Healthcare Solution, in partnership with our joint pilot customers in Aged Care, Disabled Care and Smart Building sectors.”

According to United Nations report on World Population Ageing, between 2015 and 2030 the number of people in the world aged over 60 years is projected to increase by 56 per cent. By 2050, the global population of older persons is projected to more than double its size, reaching nearly 2.1 billion. Extended life of senior citizens requires additional care. However, the population of under-5 children will fall below the number for over 65 years in 2020. More than ever before, the elderly need technology to support themselves, because younger caregivers may not always be available.

Each of the technologies like wearable medical trackers, smart home automation, intelligent assistants, robotic process automation, electronic marketplaces and cognitive computing is individually powerful enough to disrupt entire industries on its own. With its Holistic Healthcare solution, Robonomics AI plans to integrate the combined power of all these technologies to focus on enhancing the lives of each patient. It would bring ICU-inspired continuous monitoring and care for the elderly and the disabled into their daily life.

Dr Dhiraj Saini, a Specialist Geriatrician based in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia has been involved in the development of the solution. He says, “Using Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor patients enables a whole new era in tele-health and tele-care. Patients living in any part of the world would have access to the most appropriate medical expertise from across the globe. On the other hand, the professionals would have access to rich, real-time information on the patient for accurate diagnosis and care. This is especially important for people living in regional areas who have multiple medical issues and find it difficult to travel to larger cities for treatment.”

Robonomics AI plans to use IBM Watson Health, Node-Red, Watson IoT platform, IBM Data & Analytics platform and Robotic Process Automation to ingest information about the patients into its machine learning and Natural Language Programming platform. Multiple stakeholders would collaborate through Intelligent Assistants. Over time, it will make recommendations to professionals responsible for monitoring and care of patients, also optimising caregivers efforts.

Robonomics AI plans to get the first working prototype up and working in time for the next phase of Watson Build in October 2017, thanks to the cognitive micro services available via the IBM Cloud. Without these, the process would have taken more than a year, if it were at all possible. IBM Cloud is enabling Robonomics AI to build the prototype at rapid speed.

“We are thrilled at being selected for in this prestigious competition.” said Founder & CEO of Robonomics AI, Samir Sinha. “People-based processes are evolving into ‘AI-First Digital Business Models’, as demonstrated in our approach for the Holistic Healthcare solution. It dramatically improves the transparency, responsiveness and effectiveness of health care for aged and disabled. The Ai-first approach allows them to re-imagine new patient experiences.”

Dr Ashok Singh, ex-CEO of a healthcare organisation in Victoria, Australia is a business advisor to Robonomics AI for the Holistic Healthcare solution. He said, “Robonomics AI is not just building a technical solution that enables new customer experiences, but a whole new way of delivering value that would disrupt the health care industry. A centralised delivery of care would provide for affordable services accessible to a much larger population. I would urge healthcare organisations looking to offer something new to their patients to sign up as pilot customers with Robonomics AI.”

Robonomics AI selected IBM Cloud for the project because it provides a one-stop cloud platform for building, managing and running all types of applications, including the web, mobile, big data, IoT and blockchain. The company uses Watson because of its depth of knowledge in the healthcare domain, which enables its solution to learn and understand the complicated medical subject matter.

Robonomics AI is an IBM Business Partner in IBM PartnerWorld, a program that gives channel partners the resources and tools they need to succeed in the Cognitive Era.

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